"I am Ryan, and I begrudgingly approve of this video."

Ryan may love Al's solo fingerstyle guitar-playing, but she could do without the pipes. Actually, she should be extremely thankful those weren't Highland Pipes in her living room! But hey, she's a cat. What does she know? Pipes are Pipes, as far as Ryan is concerned. And she thinks they're all from hell.

That's the talented & wonderful EJ Jones (on small pipes) and Al Petteway (on guitar) providing accompaniment to Ryan's day-mare. We were ruff-rehearsing some new tunes for a private party we all played together, back in late spring, 2010.

The image of the "Hellion Angel" on the motorbike at the end of this clip is our crazy-cat, Ellis. Ellis loves to ride his bike around in his private, mystical realm - with his "bitch on the back" - generally showing off, making fishtails and lots of noise. This image came from the "Great Adventure" chapter of the full-color gift-book, "CAT ANGELS: The Secret Lives of Cats." Of course, this image could just as easily belong in the chapter on "Fallen Angels." That placement was a tough choice, actually. (The "Fallen Angels" chapter being my absolute favorite ;-) Our part-time Peace Angel/part-time Hellion Ellis has the full Cat-Angel-Spectrum covered, that's for sure.



"I am Ryan, and I approve of this video."

Ryan loves the dulcet tones of Al Petteway's guitar-playing. Al is working on an arrangement of the traditional song, "The Parting Glass" (on his "Al Petteway model" Tippin Guitar ;-) - and Ryan clearly approves! Ahhhhh, sweet music & sweet cats. Life is good.

The Cat Angel at the end is “Tiptoe,” playing his turquoise fluke ukulele in a field of tulips…



"I am Ryan, and I approve of this video!"

Cavorting Kittens! Ryan & Olson are resident kittens - now cats - at Cat Angel Press. In this older footage, they frolic with a feather (fight over it!) and end up tumbling across the carpet. Such earnest and silly balls of fur. They make us laugh every time. Enjoy!

The Cat-Angel kittens in the last image are hoarding Alphabet blocks.



"I'm Ellis and I approve of this video!"

Ellis the Cat Angel improvises on keyboard! Ellis enjoys creating impromptus on piano. Perhaps this particular composition is a love-note for Nora? Hard telling. Music is the universal language of love after all, so there's a good chance he intended this piece for someone special. Note the little gyration in the middle and the winsome expression at the end. Come to think of it, good meals often have the same effect on him. This video is of Ellis at his best. Hence his "Peace Angel" image at the end. Enjoy!

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