“This is a fun spiritual book, gorgeous to look at, and would make an excellent gift.”


New Age Retailer

CAT ANGELS is a spectacularly whimsical book….

….vivid imagination is creatively displayed throughout….

In short, cat fanciers and animal lovers won’t be able to resist the charm of this great book!”


Southern Paws & Tails Magazine

5.0 out of 5 starsAmazon Review -- Cat Angels, September 3, 2010

There is such heartfelt artistic inspiration, devotion, close observation, humor, literary and visual content, warmth and love in Amy White's book that it seems impossible to convey a sense of the work in a review. Reading it resembles making an excursion into that hidden realm of the Cat Angels, into a landscape you think you know, but soon find is far deeper, warmer, richer and more surprising than you expect. Some pages bring tears to your eyes, some make you laugh out loud. And by the end, you have the distinct suspicion that Amy White is herself someone like a cat angel to all of us, reminding us to maintain our link to the realms of creativity, humor and compassion that are the lifeblood of the world. I think - though the "effect [is] subtle, as if seen through a veil" - in that very last photo of the book, I can see her wings glimmering.


A. Morgan, Amazon.com Review

A Life More Fully Lived
An Interview with the Remarkably Creative Amy White

Amy White Interview in Western North Carolina MAgazineMandolin, guitar, piano, Celtic harp, mountain dulcimer. When I ask Amy White what musical instruments she plays, this is her answer. Seeing her perform with her husband, Al Petteway, you see that Amy doesn't just play music, She plays life itself -- snapping a ring of bells around her ankles while striking a drum then reaching to pick up a mandolin. Her spirit is uncontainable in just one voice, and her energy reaches deep into her audience and out into the world. In this interview, Amy explores the role of creativity in her world. Read more...


Amy White’s stunning creativity
takes the reader on a feline flight of fancy
that will captivate the heart and stoke the imagination
of anyone who ever cuddled with a tabby.
With her whimsical fusion
of photographic imagery and feline poses,
Amy has fashioned a charmingly unique book
that is a must for cat lovers of all ages.


Allan Zullo, author of Mews Items: Amazing But True Cat Tales

It's always been clear to me that
Amy White was a musical genius,
a wonderful artist, and a beautiful person,
but now I know why:
she learned everything she knows from spying on cats!
This enticing, whimsical, magical book
reveals the delicious secrets of the feline worlds,
both this one and the next,
and documents Amy's fantastic voyage
into cats' hidden lives.


Abby Bardi, author of The Book of Fred

Amy White  has created a book that is as delightful and surprising to read as her music is to listen to. There is something so inventive and risk-bound in Cat Angels that it goes beyond any genre. It is more akin to the mystical love story of Griffin and Sabine  in its whimsical risk-taking than a photography book. Cat Angels is an experience that only an extremely confident and skilled artist can take us on. The technical work behind these striking images--images that not only suspend disbelief but obliterate it--resonates with the invention that conceived them. The result is a transcendent book not just about cats or just for cat lovers. This book is for any person who delights in Imagination.


Laura Hope-Gill, Co-Author: The Soul Tree: Poems and Photographs of the Southern Appalachians
Poet Laureate of the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation

Wondering if your cat is a cat angel?

According to Amy White, all cats are cat angels, even when they're occasionally naughty.

This is a lovely idea. I was well aware that several of my cat friends on the other side visit to show me they are indeed angels. As for those still with me, the jury was out . until now.

The subtitle "The Secret Lives of Cats" speaks volumes.

Cats do have secret lives. Many of my clients, cats as well as dogs, have told me about their fantasy lives and their astral visits to other universes.

White reveals the secret lives of several cats with a short description of the adventure and a illustrating photo. All of the photographs are enhanced to show the cats with wings.

The photo thus reveals the hidden truth about each cat. Since each cat has an inner angel, the photo reveals what the naked eye is incapable of detecting.

These angels are comforting, but they also offer us life lessons.

White says that cats delve into the mystical realm where all things are possible. That is no small achievement.

Exploring alternate realities is a motto to bear in mind. "The supernatural is the natural not yet understood," a quotation from Elbert Hubbard on page 41, could stand as a second subtitle for this book.

All the cat models for this book are cats White has known personally. They are her cats, past and present, and cats who live with her friends. Each cat has a distinct personality, but they all have the gift of living a secret life.

This book is filled with beautiful artistic photographs illustrating the spiritual side of cats. It would make an excellent gift.


Catherine Ferguson, Pet Psychic, NJ.com – Waterfront Weekly

5 out of 5 stars – Charming!

Every single page in this book is a delight. After I looked at it the first time, I found myself smiling hours later as I thought about the images and stories. Amy White's fantastic imagination never lets up, and the rare combination of playfulness and beauty so vividly on display still has me shaking my head in wonder. Each montage and accompanying vignette stand on their own, but all of them together create a magical whole that reminds me of an artfully arranged piece of music; one you want to listen to again and again (not surprising, I guess, since Amy White is also an accomplished musician!).

Cat Angels is fun and funny and lovely to look at, and I highly recommend it not only to "cat people," but also to those who appreciate the whimsical side of life.


J. Marshall, Amazon.com Review

5 out of 5 stars – Purr-fect!

During a visit with us several years ago, Amy White described the 'Cat Angels" project she was working on and she took photos of Blondie and Jellybones, who is a mitten-paw. Later on she sent us some proofs of the "angels" our cats had become. We have anxiously awaited the publication of her book ever since. Now it is here, and it is fantastic.

Her artistic rendering of the photos in the book are amazing and amusing and the accompanying quotes and descriptions make each selection come alive. Cat lovers, animal lovers - you will enjoy Amy's wonderful book.


M. Christian “Mallard” , Mansfield, OH - Amazon.com Review

5 out of 5 stars - Wondrous!

"There is only one thing worse in the world than being talked about, and that is not being talked about." This aphorism, attributed to Oscar Wilde, makes an appearance in Amy White's marvelous "Cat Angels," an altogether delightful and whimsical book that celebrates the many mysteries and fancies of our feline companions. The book is replete with wise sayings from the masters, merry musings from the author, and, most remarkably, photographs of cats in every imaginable pose, both humanoid and avian. Yes, many of the cats in this book are equipped with wings, as befits their angelic status.

So, full disclosure here: I am not really the world's most ardent cat fancier -- far from it in fact -- but there was a time in my life when I found myself sharing living quarters with several cats in succession. Well, despite my best efforts to resist their charms, they eventually won me over. My friend Amy White was just then beginning to prepare the book that you are now reading about, and I suggested that one of the bewhiskered housemates who had captivated me might similarly enchant her. Amy did predictably bond with and succumb to Sweet Pea's "person"-ality, and said feline now enjoys pride of place in this current tome.

Whatever your view of cats, you will find "Cat Angels" an absolute joy to read and savor, and if you have a cat lover in your life, you will not want to let him or her miss this unique and marvelous book.


M. Bretholz, Amazon.com Review

5 out of 5 stars - Most charming cat book ever!

Amy White's "Cat Angels---The Secret Lives of Cats" is much more than just a whimsical book of creative images of cats. Her insight and understanding give a profound sense of what cats actually may be thinking. Being furtive and naughty one minute and genuinely appreciative and loving the next, the reader has a better view of what must be going on in the minds and hearts of these animals. Funny and heartwarming----anyone who loves critters will love this book!


Bett Padgett, Amazon.com Review

5 out of 5 stars - Mystical Metaphors!

After I read the first three laudatory reviews and agreed 100% with each of them, I wondered what I could say that might still be informative. Amy White has produced an amazing book filled with artistry from first to last. It is chock-filled with wonderful metaphors and analogies between and about cats and us, all of them ringing true.

Each page is beautifully done with unique, colossal frames around a selection of star Cat Angels - most of whom started out life in difficult circumstances. These fortunate felines were able to tap into their "angelness," attracting to them the caring folk who subsequently tend and parent them on this eartly plane. And every frame is accompanied by a brief, profound quote from human sages.

Amy's writing is that of a "kitchen mystic" -- i.e. profoundly spiritual and down to earth at the same time. She nurtures all of us in her one-of-a-kind kitchen of kitties. Amy captivates with her puns and words of humor, wisdom, tongue-in-cheek, loving, absolutely dead-on descriptions of kitty behaviors, good and sometimes not so. I bought this for my friend who has 6 rescued Cat Angels and who just said "goodbye to her 7th and favorite. After seeing it, I've ordered 2 more for family members with cats, and am making my Christmas list.

This book has universal appeal for all animal, art and literature lovers!


Suzy Camp Goodman, “lover of creativity”, Amazon.com Review

5 out of 5 stars - Cats really are angels even when they're being devils

You know how cats often seem to be staring so hard at something you can't see? With Cat Angels, Amy White's artistry and whimsy reveal to the rest of us just what the cats are seeing and what they're doing while you aren't there.

Amy White's skillful blending of cats and wings will have you sure cats really can fly. You'll want to stare at her paintings.. er, her photos... well maybe just call it her art over and over again.

If you are owned by a cat or know anyone who is, this is the purrfect book.


Kimka, Amazon.com Review

5 out of 5 stars - "Cat Angels" is a book you can enjoy cover to cover

Amy White's wonderful little book "Cat Angels" has finally arrived, and I was one of the first to buy a copy. I had seen a few of her wonderful photomontages online, made from photos of cats, bird (or statuary) wings, and romantic backgrounds, that together created fantasy worlds in which the winged cats indulged in all the romps they seem to wish for in real life. It is a peek into that wonderful world that does not disappoint.

The photomontages selected for full pages are rich with humorous detail and tiny surprises. I found myself repeatedly reaching for the magnifying glass so I wouldn't miss anything. My only regret is that the single dog in the book is Ellis's biker hellion. I want Amy's solemn oath that she will make at least a few more angel dogs for the next book!

Starting with beautiful photographs of cats in common or unusual poses, Amy then photographs wings, both natural and artificial, and customizes them to perfectly match her cats. Look at the wings on the Peace Angel on p.71 -- I defy anyone to visualize this kitty without her wings! And the Fallen Angel on p.52 certainly has the wings of a gargoyle -- perfectly blended with the menacing expression of the murderous cat.

And the little portraits are just as wonderful. My favorite is the lovely Birman on p.10 seen in mid-toilette. Another of my favorites is the Thank You! cat on page 90.

Within the fantasy landscapes of the framed photomontages are backgrounds and added elements carefully selected to blend into elegant views into the private worlds of Amy's cat angels. And even the frames and wallpaper draw you deeper into the world she has created for each cat.

Couch Potato Molly reminded me instantly of the work of artist Donald Roller Wilson from his 1988 book "Roller". But where Roller was creating his fantasies with paint, and so could make magic happen straight from his imagination, Amy starts with real cats and real wings and furnishings. How is it that Molly truly seems to be watching TV with the remote control? The seamless flow of elements in the finished photomontage are an amazing legerdemain.

The feline mystique doesn't end with the pictures. Unlike most art books, the stories are just as worth diving into as the art. Amy's insights and humor about cats fill every page, and blend the everyday observations with the secrets and whimsy of cats.

This is a book you can enjoy cover to cover -- there's even humor on the copyright page! And as the chubby calico angel after the thank-you pages says, "No cats were off-shored or injured in the making of this book."

I must admit I haven't yet finished exploring the worlds of Amy's Cat Angels. But with this book you don't want to rush it, because you don't want the surprises to end.


Robin Siegel, Amazon.com Review

Father-in-Law's Book Review for CAT ANGELS

Author’s Note:  After all is said & done, this may end up being my favorite Book Review for CAT ANGELS. This review was written by my father-in-law who, incidentally, does not like cats. My favorite part is when he confesses to almost missing NASCAR because he so enjoyed reading the book from cover to cover. Now that speaks volumes ;-)

"Amy, I commend you on your cat book effort. I know you spent a lot of time putting Cat Angels together and the results shows it. The book really reflects how much you love animals, and especially cats. Where did you come up with all the background for getting into a cat's brain? You sure have them pegged as far as I'm concerned. Although I'm not a cat lover, I related with your description of cat actions. From the time I opened the book until the last page, I could not put it down. I almost missed the NASCAR race! You have a gift for words and art design. I hope the book gets the exposure it deserves, so that cat lovers everywhere can have a chance to buy it. It looks good on our coffee table too...."


A.B. Petteway

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