About The Book

Whether dancing in celebration

of the coming season

or falling from grace,

or in your face,

Cat Angels are all around us,

inviting us to paws

and revel in the moment.

Come join this parade of

furry-feathered whimsy.

Discover the secret lives

of your own Cat Angels, and

listen to the stories

they wish to tell.




Meet the late stray St. Clair who inspired this celebration. And while you are at it, meet some of St. Clair’s fabulous Cat Angel friends and see what they’ve been up to:

- Stella, who uses the fabled paper-bag as her portal to the other side;

- Bo, who’s addicted to his catnip hookah and has managed to hook all his friends;

- Gunga Din, who is a Cat Angel guide for the mystical realm’s most dangerous places;

- Ellis, the Hellion Angel who loves to ride his motorbike through the clouds;

- and all the others….


This unique collection is a guide and a gift
for the spiritual cat lover.
It is a visual celebration of our Cat Angels in their many guises
- happy or sad –
both in our everyday world
and in their own private, mystical realm.


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96 Pages
Full Color
Hard Cover
Purr-oudly Printed in America
with soy-based inks on forest stewardship council-certified paper

Book Cover & Interior Book Design by
Dan Schuman of Lawrence Marie, Inc.

Printing by
Bookmasters, Inc.

One Sheet - PDF, 340kb

Press Release - JPG, 4.8mb
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