About The Author

Amy White is an award-winning composer, recording artist and performer.  She has recorded for several different independent record labels and has received critical acclaim for both her recordings and her live performances.  Admittedly, none of this history has any particular relevance to her Cat Angels Project. Nevertheless, animals, fairies and angels have been subtle constants in Amy’s life. Cats in particular have always inspired Amy and their spirits have found their way into more than a few of her artistic endeavors, musical and otherwise. 

Like most artists, Amy is inter-disciplinary at heart. In addition to music, she loves to create and work in a variety of media, including stone-carving, silvercasting, stained glass, 3-D collage, block-printing and photography. Amy is extremely fortunate to have many of her photographs represented by the National Geographic Society’s Image Collection, where her husband, Grammy-Winning Guitarist Al Petteway, worked as an image editor for nearly 2 decades.

For the past several years, Amy has been consumed with digital photography and photomontage. In addition to mountain scenery, she has concentrated on photographing cats and the natural world and creating alternate realities for her favorite winged creatures.  Amy is thrilled to have encountered this perfect marriage of technology and creative passion.  She can now more easily reveal and celebrate the presence of the Cat Angels in our lives. 

Formerly natives of the Washington, DC area (Arlington, VA & Takoma Park, MD respectively), Amy and her husband now live at 4200 feet elevation, just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Amy & Al share their beautiful mountain aerie with 4 charismatic cats and the 2 best shelter doggies that money can’t buy. It is clear that cats have commandeered much of Amy’s visual artwork for the last decade. And dogs are next in line.  Stay tuned for future book projects!

To learn more about Amy & Al’s musical collaborations (including their contribution to the recent Ken Burns/National Parks documentary), and to view their scenic photography and other artistic works, please visit: www.AlandAmy.com

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